Program Chair/Speaker
1 Opening Remarks Masato Fujisawa (President of ASMHA)
2 Congratulatory Remarks Du Geon Moon (Local Organizing Chair)
3 Congratulatory Remarks Moon Jong Kim (President of Korean Society for Men's Health and Aging)
4 Congratulatory Remarks Alan Wein (USA, MHWC)
Master of ceremonies Hwancheol Son (Local Scientific Director)
Session 1: Life Long Management for Men's Health
Updated Know-How
Masato Fujisawa (Japan)
1 (TBD) Bang-Ping Jiann (Taiwan)
2 Penile rehabilitation following prostate cancer treatment- an ISSM evidence-based clinical practice Eric Chung (Austrailia)
3 The impacts of Metabolic syndrome and life style on the Prevalence of BPH in Korea: from the Nation-wide Insurance Data cohort Hwancheol Son (Korea)
4 Complementary Medicine in Male Infertility Jong Kwan Park (Korea)
5 Roles of Androgen in Post Menopausal Women Yoshikazu Sato (Japan)
6 Oxidative stress, nutrition and cancer: friends or foes? (TBD) William J. Huang (Taiwan)
Session 2: Issues in Real Practice Soo Woong Kim (Korea)
1 BPH Prolieve Thermo-Dilatation 1st 50 Case Experience in Singapore Colin Teo (Singapore)
2 Penile Implants in Japan Koichi Nagao (Japan)
3 Asian Men's Health Report 2 - An Overview Christopher Ho Chee Kong (Malaysia)
4 Sexual Health and Sexual Activity in the Elderly Kwangsung Park (Korea)
5 Medical Therapy for Peyronie's Disease : The Current Evidence Lukman Hakim (Indonesia)
Session 3: Controversing Issues in Men's Health Moon Jong Kim (Korea)
1 Nocturia - Implication on Men's Health Tan Hui Meng (Malaysia)
2 Penile Rehabilitation: Practical Algorithm Hyun Jun Park (Korea)
3 LUTS management - Tips and Risks Mak Siu King (Hong Kong)
4 Surgical Treatment of Peyronie's Disease: Full Depth Grid Incision of Tunical Plaque with Collagen Fleece Patch Graft Du Geon Moon (Korea)
5 Treatment of Male Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism Koji Chiba (Japan)
Session 4: Hot and New Issues in Men's Health Zhong Cheng Xin (China)
1 Experience with Plaque Excision and Dermal Grafting in the Surgical Treatment of Peyronie's Disease Mai Ba Tien Dung (Vietnam)
2 Extracellular vesicle-mimetic nanovesicles as new therapeutic strategy to treat erectile dysfunction Ji-Kan Ryu (Korea)
3 Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy in the treatment of ED; Is the evidence strong? Kang Sup Kim (Korea)
4 DM and Erectile Dysfunction in Mongolian men Nansalmaa Naidan (Mongolia)
5 How My Hospital Dealt with COVID-19 for the Thai and Telemedicine Practice Kavirach Tantiwongse (Thailand)
Announcement of next meeting of ASMHA
2021 Satellite meeting of ASMHA Tan Hui Meng (Malaysia)
16th ASMHA meeting in Busan Nam Cheol Park (Korea)
Closing Remarks Sae Woong Kim (Secretary Geneal of ASMHA)